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Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Viola, and Cello

Video coming soon!




Alto Flute

Bass Clarinet




ca 4:30"


Hub New Music

*written as part of the 2023 IU 48 Hours Symposium

dim (2023) is a quartet piece written as part of the 2023 IU 48 Hours Symposium, where participants had 48 hours to compose a 4-6 minute work using the given prompts:

use at least one instrument doubling, include a type of chorale, and draw inspiration from the famous full quote in William Shakespeare's Machbeth -- "Double double toil and trouble". dim takes an outer look/a pan up of the scene, starting from the ground where the caldron sits, to the imagery of the blind worm hitting the sides of the pot, then moves up through the swirling of the mixture and steam, and lastly to the night sky. The work has

a mood that can be described as clouded, muffled, hollow, and haunting. The crumbling

of paper, use of vocal fry, a walking bass line, spectral harmonics, pencil scratches,

and key clicks are some extended techniques that aid in creating this texture. 

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