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Tenor Trombone and

Hand drum




Tenor Trombone

Hand drum


ca" 8:45


Erich Corfman, Trombone

KiMani Bridges, Hand drum

M.I.X. (2020) is a solo that presents you with three dances of different moods. Each with

their own mood and feel. The first dance, M, represents actual movement. The feel of M is dark and weighted but also has this freedom and flow to it. The second dance, I (Image),

has an uplifting, syncopated feel to it. The last dance, X, is more of an expressive

vocalization. It's very lyrical and has a touch of sweetness. A main feature of the piece is using the trombone as a percussive instrument: flicking the rim of the horn, smacking the mouthpiece, slap tongue, and buzzing. The use of the kick drum also adds to this effect.

The piece also uses the extended technique of singing n playing and microtones. 

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