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Flute Quintet




Five Flutes


ca" 5:00


2020 NextNotes High School

Creator Award

*KiMani Bridges's first composition

Gray (2018) was inspired by a World War II documentary. Gray is a four

movement piece representing the phases of war. Written in the key of F Sharp minor, this quintet uses extended flute techniques such as flutter tonguing, pitch bends, and singing while playing. The first movement opens with a wave of dynamics and introduces the main ideas of the other movements hence the name The Call for War. The next movement, The Preparation, has a feeling of

curiosity in a way and is the build up to the actual battle. Total War is the main climax of the piece and has a feeling of intensity throughout. In this

movement, the opening has the imagery of soldiers setting their battle stations

and glissandos are used to represent the whistle of bombs flying through the air.

The last movement, Mourning/Recall, opens with pitch bends to represent crying/mourning then transitions to the remembrance of the other three movements.

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