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Wind Quintet

Video coming soon!

Audio coming soon!




Flute, Oboe, Clarinet 

Bassoon, Horn


ca 5:30"


Zoe Rabinowitz (fl.)

Adedayo Perkovich (ob.)

Jesse Winslow (cl.)

Sam D'Amico (bsn.)

Aidan Lewis (hn.)

Christopher Pegram (fl.)

Alex Alani (ob.)

Julian Flaschetti (cl.)

Jacob Lomboy (bsn.)

Trevor Zavac (hn.)

*written as part of the 2022 Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival

Hesitation (2022) inspired by group dance, freedom, and togetherness, is a wind quintet that explores the different timbres and expressiveness of the instrument and the body itself. With the use of percussive effects, extended techniques, independence, and improvisation, Hesitation has a personality that is aggressive, moody, and full of oomph. 

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