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Solo Clarinet 

MidNight Photo.jpg

"Special" by Susana Aldanodo 


(2020 - 21)


Solo Clarinet


ca 8:45"


Michelle Hromin

Sarah Manasreh


Susana Aldanodo

*Composed as part of the Musaics of the Bay's Stay-at-Home Symposium

MidNight (2020-21) is a solo clarinet piece inspired by abstract expressionist Susana Aldanondo’s painting entitled “Special”. The piece is structured to move you through the painting, starting with the outer colors and moving towards the center as the piece moves forward. MidNight has a mood that is calm, relaxing, and flowing; this is created with the use of trills (standard and timbral), pitch bends, glissandos, breathing, full range of dynamics, rhythm, and the use of silence. MidNight was written as part of Musaics of the Bay’s “Stay-at-Home Symposium”. 

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