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Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Violin, Viola, Cardboard Boxes, and Spoons

Video coming soon!

Audio coming soon!


Rue (2024) is a mash-up of three of my piece: The Flower (2019-20), AURA (2021), and Healer (2021)The piece works chronologically, meaning that in its construction, the beginning of each work happens at the beginning, the middle is in the middle, and the end is

at the end. All material is taken directly from the pieces, with little to no alteration. Rue has a texture that is flowing, dramatic, colorful, and chaotic. The work explores timbre, harmony, and challenges musical structure.



Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, 

Violin, Viola

Cardboard Boxes and Spoons (2)


ca 7:00"


Katherine Westhoven (sop.)

Rachel Dunbar (mez.)

Dmitri Volkov (vln.)

Em Singleton (vla.)

Ford Smith (perc.)

Kyra McComb (perc.)

Joshua Catanzaro (cond.)

*written as part of FM

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