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the loOp of Somber

Fixed Media  --  Variational loop 


artwork © 2021 Lauren Burks. All Rights Reserved.

the loOp of Somber


Fixed Media:




Duo Violin




Lauren Burks, artist

Note from Lauren: My good friend created a beautiful song that goes along with my painting. The music and visuals come together to *hopefully* evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

The loOp of Somber (2021) is a variational loop representing the scenery of the painting and the thoughts of the girl crouched on the slide. The piece captures the emotional journey from the perspective of the girl: beginning as a simple reflection, then eventually spiraling into a dark disordered train of thought, and “concluding” with the return/rehash of the beginning thought.
The LoOp of Somber has an aura that is dark, moody, and somber. The piano, bongos, and rainstick create this aura and support the depressed mood of the girl. The duo violins are the actual representation of the girl and her occurring thoughts and emotions.

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