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Flute Choir

Video coming soon!

Audio coming soon!




10 Flutes


ca 5:00"


Christopher Pegram

Jae Habich

Marcus Gentillon

Joshua Wright

KiMani Bridges

Muji Lai

Stella Bixler

Alejandro Meza

Jaein Kim

Jamey Guzman

Mariko Findell (cond.)

*written as part of FM

Noir  (2024) is a companion work to the first piece I ever wrote, Gray (2018), composed for

5 flutes. Movement 1, Salvo, is a "rewind" of Grayusing material from the original

piece as a recount of the main story. Movement 3, Ember, is a scene from mvt. 2 of 

Gray, "The Preparation". Soldiers are sitting around a campfire, are alerted by a siren,

and ending in a scramble to prepare for battle. Ember is a graphic score. The work in its entirety is full of chromatics, tremolos, extended techniques, and calls for independence from the performers, allowing for a texture that is heavy, flowing, sinister, and dark.  

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